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  • OpenPath Security
  • Security Plus North East also offers expert integration services allowing free communications between access control and other security and life safety systems. Security Plus North East - optimizing your control and maximizing your investment.
  • Please contact us for a free site analysis.
  • Security Plus North East is security you can trust.
  • Video Surveillance & Management
  • Industry-Leading technologies from the best names in Video Surveillance Management. Our open platform solutions place the power of collaborative video at your fingertips:
  • Open Platform Video over IP
  • IP Camera Control
  • 60 Frames/Second Digital Recording
  • Network Video Recording
  • Fixed and Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
  • Day/Night, Low-light and Infra-red modes
  • Security Plus North East builds Surveillance Management systems, based on your unique objectives. Let us help you design yours.
  • Photo ID Badging Systems
  • Our Photo ID solutions are designed to accommodate a wide range of user needs and requirements. Picture ID badges are easily produced on access cards, eliminating the need for multiple ID and access credentials. Our ID badge systems include solutions for employees, students, temporary staff, contractors, visitors and parking passes. Our systems are cost effective and simple to manage.
  • Please contact us for more information. Security Plus North East is security you can trust.
  • Parking Gates, Turnstiles, & Guard Building Solutions
  • Security Plus North East offers the best names in the parking lot and turnstile security. We provide access-enabled or stand-alone electronic gate systems, physical and optical turnstiles, as well as a variety of prefab guard stations. Let us design a solution for your parking lot needs.
  • Point to Point (See https://www.comnet.net ) and Wireless Ethernet  Mesh (see  www.firetide.com ) Connect anywhere with our Wireless Ethernet Line of Point to Point  or Mesh Video networks. Wireless video is an excellent, cost effective medium allowing optimal camera placement, in hard to cover areas.
  • The perfect solution for schools campuses, municipalities, parking lots, office parks, building complexes, parks, harbors, etc. Solutions by:
  • Intercom Systems
  • Security Plus North East has been securing homes and businesses with custom door communication systems for over 20 years. Our visitor entry control systems add a level of security, which insure peace of mind and safety to building occupants. Our solutions include 2-way voice, 2-way video and hands-free intercom systems. We also offer public address and emergency call systems. All systems are aesthetically balanced to compliment your building design.
  • Applications include:
    • Office buildings
    • Assisted living
    • Parking garages
    • Multi-purpose buildings
    • Airports
    • Prisons
    • Schools and Universities
    • Hospitals
    • Museums
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Government
    • Industrial
  • Fire•Lite by Honeywell
  • Our fire systems are provided by Honeywell.
  • More information is available at their Fire•Lite site, firelite.com.
  • Napco FireWolf Commercial Fire / Alarm Combination System
  • Napco Starlink Fire Cell Communicators
  • NAPCO Security Systems
  • Napco Starlink & Starlink Connect Cell Alarm Communicators
  • Napco Z-Remote Mobile App 
  • Whether for your business or your home, a NAPCO security system is simply the best. Reliable and flexible, has a solution for any alarm requirement. In conjunction with Security Plus N.E. integration and monitoring services, a NAPCO security system will provide your business or home with constant protection.
  • Please call us for great rates and special programs. Security Plus North East is security you can trust. We can also convert most existing systems to our central monitoring service.

Other Services

System Design & Integration

A sound electronic security plan is the end result of the careful discovery, evaluation, planning and identification of components and integration, unique to your physical requirements. Our System Design & Integration services will provide you with a long-term security vision, which will meet your requirements today and for years to come. Contact us for a free site evaluation.

Central Monitoring Services

Security Plus North East Monitoring Service has only one goal: your assured peace of mind. This single-minded approach sets us apart from the rest of the industry in every way. The reliability of our monitoring and the speed and accuracy of our alarm response is the best in the business. This can be attributed to continually seeking to surpass our goals in all three of these areas. We provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology. Our redundant power and telecommunications systems and quadruple redundant computer systems ensure there will be no interruption in service to our customers.

Our personnel's training is the most comprehensive in the industry and continues to excel. Each incoming call is answered immediately by a team of operators who have been specifically trained in all aspects of electronic security monitoring enabling them to resolve issues quickly and accurately. Our operators only function is to process alarms without interruption. Please contact us for more information and take advantage of our great monthly rates.

Service Agreements

Security Plus North East is uniquely qualified to offer our clients the most comprehensive Service Agreements in the industry. From standard business hours to mission critical 24/7/365 support, you will be assured of prompt response times and professional service. Our technicians are licensed, trained and certified to service your entire installation.

Our agreements include:
  • Physical security assessments
  • Building code audit
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Semi annual inspection
  • System (Head-end) programming and optimization
  • Hardware cleaning, tuning and adjustment
  • Preventive services
  • Hot swap back-up program
  • Detailed reporting
Please contact us for more information.
Security Plus North East is security you can trust.